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What people are saying:

I love the questions for each passage! I have been struggling to find leveled passages for my special education students, and this is finally what I've needed. Thank you for providing so many passages for each level!

- Jessica M

This is SO extremely helpful and time saving for me. I teach special education general curriculum and a lot of my students are far below grade level and need modified assignments and homework on their instructional level. It is so easy for me to pull from this resource in order to meet that need. Thank you!

- Christina M

These leveled reading passages are my favorite. I used them in my special education resource classroom last year. The stories are engaging and the comprehension questions include a variety of different question types. I also loved using them to help my students find text evidence to support the answer to the comprehension questions. I also used them as a cold read passage to test reading fluency.

- Angela H

This is the one of the most thorough resources of leveled guided reading passages ever! My students' fluency and comprehension rates have skyrocketed with the weekly use of this material. They are growing more confident in their abilities to find text evidence too. I can't say enough about this wonderful product. Thanks a million!

- Theresa D