Inclined2Learn | Level G/H: The Water Cycle

Level G/H - Passage One Out of Fifteen

After it rains, the grass outside is wet. But, it will not always be wet. Heat from the sun will dry the grass. Did you ever wonder where the water goes?

The heat from the sun turns the water into water vapor. Water vapor rises into the air. Most of the time, we can not see the water vapor in the air. Sometimes, when there is a lot of vapor, we can see mist or fog.

Clouds are made of water vapor. As more and more water vapor rises into the air, the clouds get bigger and bigger. Big, dark clouds are full of water vapor.

All of a sudden, the water vapor begins to change back into water. It is raining! The water cycle is complete. Water is amazing!

Fun Fact: When we see steam coming from a pan as we boil water, we are seeing water vapor.

1. As the sun dries the rain up, it turns into *.