Inclined2Learn | Level K/L: The Mirror

Level K/L - Passage One Out of Fifteen

Many years ago, the Pandetti family lived in the mountains. Grandpa Pandetti traveled into the village to trade his goods.

While he was there, he looked for a special gift for his family. After a long search, he found a lovely mirror. No one in his family had ever seen a mirror. Grandpa Pandetti bought the mirror and hurried home to his family.

It was late when Grandpa arrived home. He hung the mirror on the wall and then fell fast asleep. Early in the morning, little Paul Pandetti awoke. As he walked into the room, he saw a young boy looking back at him. “Papa, Papa, someone has broken into our house,” Paul cried.

Papa hurried down. He glanced at the mirror and saw a strong man looking back at him. He glared at the man. The man glared back. He pounded his hand on the table and watched as the man pounded his hand on the table.

Mama Pandetti came into the room. She stopped in her tracks when she saw a young woman looking at her. Mama Pandetti smiled and waved at the woman. The woman smiled and waved back at Mama.

Papa watched her with curiosity and then stepped up to the mirror with a smile. The strong man appeared once again in the mirror, but this time he wore a smile upon his face. From that day forward, the Pandetti family smiled as they walked through the room. They were always greeted by a smile in return.

Moral: Smile and the world will smile along with you.

1. Why did Grandpa Pandetti go to town?