Inclined2Learn | Level O/P: Computer Scientist

Level O/P - Passage One Out of Twenty Seven

Patricia Hanson is a computer scientist at Google. She's been fascinated by computers since she was young. When she grew up, she decided to turn this interest into a full-time job.

Patricia starts her day by checking her email and updating her list of priorities. She has many different projects to work on, so it's important for her to plan effectively. Though she plans her day, she’s always aware that a sudden business need could dramatically alter her plans.

Today, Patricia is working on a new section of code that will help databases run faster. Databases are big collections of computer files, and people search them to find specific information. Google currently has one of the fastest and most effective search engines, and the company wants to make sure it stays that way. Patricia and her team work daily to find ways to make Google's databases more effective and user-friendly.

Patricia works on this project until lunchtime. She has to write and test her code in small pieces, since making big changes could affect the entire program in unforeseen ways. Patricia works meticulously on each section of code. She knows it’s essential to take time to do the task well.

After lunch, Patricia gets an urgent email from her boss. He needs her to work on a different project, so she sets the database program aside. Her new task is to fix a "bug" that's causing problems with a computer server. This bug isn't an insect, though! It's a piece of broken code that Patricia has to find and fix. She works on this project for the rest of the day. Though she planned to head home at 5:00, Patricia works on this issue until 7:00, when she figures out how to effectively resolve the issue.

Patricia's job involves a lot of problem solving. She has to understand computers and how they work, and she has to write different programs and be prepared to debug code when issues arise.

Patricia loves her job as a computer scientist at Google. It's hard work, but she’s thrilled to be able to help develop databases that serve students and businesses around the world. Not even the long hours “bug” Patricia: This is the perfect job for her!

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